Aguirre, Savater, Girauta and Mayor Oreja support the Vox demonstration against the amnesty: "The PP is invited"

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“This is a question of patriotism, not sectarianism.” Various representatives of the foundations Danaesfrom which Vox was born, and Foot on Wallcommanded by the former leader of Ciudadanos Juan Carlos Girautaas well as other personalities and guests from the world of politics and communication, presented this Tuesday the poster of the demonstration against the amnesty called in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón on Sunday, October 29, under the slogan “Let’s defend unity.”

The mobilization will be attended by the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and the entire leadership of the party. But she will also be supported by important former leaders of the Popular Party. This is the case of the former president of the Community of Madrid Esperanza Aguirre, or the former minister Jaime Mayor Orejapresident of the Foundation Neos, who will also participate in the concentration. In addition, in addition to Girauta, other former members of Ciudadanos join, such as Marcos de Quinto, or the philosopher Fernando Savater.

The demonstration will once again cry out against the Government’s concessions to the independence movement in Colón, a talisman square for constitutionalism in which the leaders of the PP, Vox, Ciudadanos and UPyD were photographed in 2019. On this occasion, however, the only leader who foresees attending will be Abascal. “The PP is invited, there is time. They can join,” considered the president of Denaes, Ivan Velezduring the presentation of the event.

The call is crucial, Vélez defended, since “the Spanish nation is at stake” and, if the amnesty is granted to the independence leaders, “the next step will be self-determination.” “The street must respond,” he claimed, against “the purely criminal interests” of Catalan nationalism, since “secession is a robbery.”

For his part, Juan Carlos Girauta called for a massive mobilization because the defense of the Constitution does not correspond to “neither the left nor the right,” but to any person who defines himself as a patriot. “An aberration like this has not been seen in many decades,” he said about the “reversal of legitimacy” that granting amnesty to the leaders of the process.

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