Ahead of Eid, this is a leak of the timing of the application of traffic engineering on toll roads. All

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi checks the implementation simulation activity traffic engineering from toll road direction Cikampek on Friday (15/04/2022).

The toll road from Bekasi, Jakarta to Cikampek to Semarang is the main point that is predicted to be overcrowded during the homecoming period Eid 2022.

This traffic engineering simulation was carried out as a test. To find out which is the most effective in suppressing congestion with the smallest ratio of vehicle volume to road capacity (VC Ratio).

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“In the next few days, a simulation of the application of traffic engineering will be carried out, which can later become a measurable recommendation in decision making,” said Budi, quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Transportation.

The Minister of Transportation said that the discretion for traffic engineering in the field would be determined by the National Police Traffic Corps. Traffic engineering that will be prepared are Contra flow, One Way, and Odd Even.

However, it is currently being discussed when the traffic engineering will be implemented.

“It could start on April 28, 2022 or it could be as early as April 25, 2022. The results of this simulation will immediately be reported and recommended to the President,” he explained.

The land sector is the most crucial to be addressed. Around 47 percent of the 85.5 million people who are predicted to go home will use the land route.

Both private vehicles (cars and motorbikes) and land transportation (buses, crossing transportation, and others).

The number of homecomers this year increased by about 45 percent compared to going home in 2019 before the pandemic.

Meanwhile, two points that need special anticipation are the Bekasi-Semarang route and the Merak Bakauheni crossing.

In this year’s homecoming, the government issued a policy that there would be no isolation and detours and control in the field was carried out in a humanistic and persuasive manner.

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It is hoped that the homecoming trip will run smoothly and there will be no spike in COVID-19 cases after the homecoming period.

Considering the past two years, people have not been able to go home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A number of areas that are predicted to experience a slowdown or congestion are at toll entrances, rest areas, gas stations, and other places.

Meanwhile, a number of points that are predicted to be overcrowded are the Tangerang-Merak toll road Km 26, the Cikampek Toll Road Km 48-60, KM 31-37, Km 70-72, and for the return flow at Km 54.

In addition to reviewing traffic engineering simulations, the Minister of Transportation also conducted reviews at a number of rest areas. Namely Km 19, Km 57, and Km 62B towards Jakarta.

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