Ahead of Man City vs Madrid, Varane Warns The Citizens


Real Madrid treated Manchester City in the Champions League. Approaching Man City vs Madrid, Raphael varane warned The Citizens. About what?

At Etihad Stadium on Saturday (08/08/2020) early morning hrs, Man City vs Madrid was held. The home team has a 2-1 aggregate advantage looking at the second leg of the last 16 The Champions League 2019/2020.

Madrid excelled first via Isco when competing at the Santiago Bernabeu on February 26, 2020. Repeated twice by City through fol Gabriel Jesus and Kevin De Bruyne.

In order to continue to advance to the next round, Madrid must win by a margin of two goals. Madrid defender, Varane, has high confidence to achieve that.

Zinedine Zidane’s care team stares Man City vs Madrid with the status as champions of LaLiga 2019/2020. They won fierce competition with Barcelona.

Of Spanish league standings, Madrid coup several times by Barcelona. In the 27th week to the 29th week one example.

Madrid’s victory over Real Sociedad in Week 30 made El Real return to the top of the Spanish league table. A 0-0 draw between Barcelona and Sevilla also led Madrid to the top position, then not overtaken.

“We want to win every day, we are Real Madrid. We want to achieve everything that can be won and along with that strengthen our confidence,” said Varane in Brand.

“We have not played a match before this, so we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves. The best team when the match is to win.”

“We will go (to the match) with hunger to win and the determination needed,” he added staring Man City vs Madrid.

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