Ahli contains the crisis of Ghazal and Saleh and Sheikh because of the African bond


The Uruguayan national team led by Martin Lassarty was in a state of great anger when Ahly Sheikh, Saleh Gomaa and Amr Gamal were caught unawares after being suspended by 30 other players, Rami Rabia and Mahmoud Wahid, who were tied a few hours earlier of the Simba battle. In the African Champions League.

The last period was characterized by a crisis in the team due to the exclusion of the trio of Jamaa, Sheikh and Gamal from the African entrance despite the promise from the technical staff members to tie them to the team. Africa before the closing of the registration door, but the trio was surprised by the arrest of the duo Mahmoud Wahid and Rami Rabia. The appointment with Rami Rabia was a surprise for everyone, given his absence from training and games for over a year.

The situation in a major crisis raised by the trio Sheikh and Gamal and Saleh before the intervention of the technical staff and speaking more than one member with the three players and assured them that the conditions of the injuries that hit the team in line defense is the reason for registration Rabia and the technical staff will depend on them in the local team and wait for the trio to improve their position with the team on local participation and if they continue to ignore, players will start thinking seriously about leaving.



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