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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Defendant Adam Denny has been sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of Rp. 1 billion in a trial at the North Jakarta District Court (PN) which was held on Tuesday (28/6/2022).

Adam Deni was found guilty of having uploaded an electronic document without the permission of the owner and the reporter. Ahmad Sahroni.

Meanwhile, a fine of Rp. 1 billion must be paid or replaced with a five-month confinement period.

Ahmad Sahroni’s party opened his voice about the verdict to the corruption allegations from Adam Deni’s side. The following is a summary of Kompas.com.

Respect the judge’s decision

Ahmad Sahroni’s attorney, Arman Hanis said that his party respects the decision of the panel of judges.

According to Arman, what was reported by his party was proven in court.

“The point is from our side, we respect the decision of the Panel of Judges, who decided that way,” said Arman when contacted Kompas.comWednesday (29/6/2022).

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“Of course, the legal considerations stated that Adam Deni was proven guilty of the crime we reported. This means that what we reported or what my client reported has been proven,” said Arman again.

Arman continued, Ahmad Sahroni himself agreed with him to respect the judge’s decision.

As for the appeal, Sahroni’s side stated that it was a legal remedy that usually occurs in trials.

Respond to allegations of corruption

Previously reported, Adam Deni admitted that he wanted to complain to the KPK regarding the verdict handed down by the panel of judges at the North Jakarta District Court.

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Adam Deni accused the verdict handed down to him as an “order”.

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According to Arman, Adam Deni should be able to immediately report to the KPK if he feels that Ahmad Sahroni has violated the law.

“It has been mentioned in the judge’s consideration that what he said has even been reported to the KPK,” said Arman Hanis.

“KPK is an institution that can carry out investigations and investigations. So, if you want to prove it, go ahead, in what way,” he continued.

It is known, Adam Deni was found guilty of violating the Electronic Information and Transactions Law (UU ITE) for spreading Sahroni’s personal data.

Sahroni’s personal data was in the form of a bicycle purchase transaction in the hands of Defendant 2, Ni Made Dwitta Anggari.

Ni Made gave the data to Adam Deni. Then, Adam uploaded it through his Instagram account.

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