AHS publishes the first report on the influence of the season | CHAT News today | Medicine Hat, southern Alberta


The data indicate that there were 111 confirmed laboratory cases of influenza A and 28 cases of influenza B. Most cases of influenza A are located in the Calgary area, with 61 reported cases, while Edmonton has 31 cases. The northern area has eight cases of influenza A, the central area has seven cases and the southern area has four cases.

Calgary and Edmonton both have nine confirmed cases of influenza B. The southern zone has 7 confirmed cases, while the northern zone has 2 confirmed cases. A case of influenza B is currently classified as unknown.

A total of 42 people in the province were hospitalized due to the flu. Most of the admissions took place in Calgary (27) and Edmonton (10). Four hospitalizations occurred in the central area, while one occurred in the northern area.

No admissions were reported in the southern area.

No confirmed flu deaths in the Alberta laboratory have been recorded this season.

On Thursday, AHS publishes updated reports.


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