Air Europa suffers a cyber attack that exposes customer banking details

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Various users of Air Europa They have received an email from the company warning that the airline has suffered a cyber attack that has led to the theft of some users’ banking information. Specifically, the stolen data is the number of several cards, their expiration dates and the CVV. The company has confirmed to EL MUNDO the computer attack suffered.

In the aforementioned email received by some customers, Air Europa has recommended that they contact their banking entity to cancel credit card that they have used for payments with your company. “Given the risk of card impersonation and fraud that this incident could pose, and in order to protect your interests, we recommend that you follow the following steps,” the email says.

1. Identify the card used to make payment(s) on the AIR EUROPA website.
2. Contact your bank.
3. Request the cancellation/cancellation/replacement of that card in order to avoid possible fraudulent use of your information.
4. Do not provide personal information, your pin, name or any other personal information via telephone, message or email, even when they identify themselves as your bank.
5. Do not click on links that warn you of fraudulent operations. Contact your bank directly by verifiable means.
6. Collect any evidence of possible unauthorized use of your card and Report it to the State Security Forces and Bodies.

Air Europa has confirmed to EL MUNDO that it has suffered “a cybersecurity problem that would have affected the payment environment with which purchases are managed through the web.” They have also found that “There is no evidence that the leak was used to commit any fraud” and that “the detection and rapid intervention of the team for the application of the established protocol has made it possible to block the security breach and prevent the leak of new data.”

The company has informed this newspaper that “the data extracted has been exclusively those associated with the cards themselves and not to customers” and that “in no case have cybercriminals accessed other Air Europa databases or extracted other types of personal information from customers.”

The airline, which has reported that Your systems function normally., has apologized to all its affected clients and has made itself available to users who need any type of advice. “Our goal is to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future, as well as to minimize the possible inconvenience that this may cause,” the email concludes.

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