Air Phantila updates heart status with a happy young man outside the industry But why refuse to launch into the media?

The hottest little girl, Air Phantila, who today will open her heart about love that is so sweet. But why didn’t he see a young man outside the media industry? In addition to this event, the person said that he was ready to marry. through the talk show

An update on the house?
Air : Just signed a contract to renovate the house for my mother and father in Bangna, like a house 30 years ago, and we live together. And I have plans to build my own house. So if we build a house for ourselves I want my father’s house beautiful mom too

Can you tell me the budget?
Air conditioner : It’s a home renovation which we mostly use the original structure. I would say that the current home renovation must be 10 million, probably about 10 million.

How are your parents, are you happy?
Air: Actually, Air says that the person is the father. As a mother, he felt a waste of money. No need. He could live. He had been there for a long time. Air conditioner save money to build air conditioner house. But we feel that it is one thing that we have been working in the industry for a long time. We would like to give a gift back to him as well. I don’t know what to give Air that the investment in the house is the most worthwhile. In the end, everyone was back together at home anyway. My parents said they were considerate. No, no, no, but I said I asked. It’s my dream, I want to make it

About what year should it be completed?
Air : Probably not more than 1 year, the contract is signed for no more than 365 days, but he said it might be faster. Honestly, my mom won’t let me do it. So I said I had a sponsor. Do it all for free. So he’s okay. do When I was going to make a swimming pool, he said no. My mother was afraid of falling into the water. My mother made it for free.

Recently, admin went to the hospital?
Air: As you can see in the picture, that is the process of collecting eggs. We feel that with age it keeps increasing. And we don’t know when we will get married or have children. Therefore, the plan that we will keep the eggs. in case it is more complete than when we are going to collect at a very old age It is another option for today’s women who are working women. When we went to collect the eggs, the doctor found that there was a cyst in our uterus. Actually, Ayr is a cyst. Almost 100% of all women have cysts. If assuming we have to check

But this one, the doctor didn’t plan before going to pierce. but with the entrance it saw The doctor said it was a cyst and not a lump. If it’s a lump, it’s likely to develop into a malignant tumor or cancer. But the oil bag is liquid. Therefore, the first thing the doctor did was to suck out the water inside first. It came out quite a lot. Seen as a tube, it came out 3 tubes, much larger. But it may have a chance to grow again. need to check continuously


go to lay eggs, plan to have children will marry soon Is this or not?
Air : Collect the eggs first. The air conditioner is already planned. Because it will not pressure us when we will get married. But in the end, Air said that not every woman wants to have children at a very old age, but we can’t force men. or not to pressure him to hurry to ask us Because we are old like this.

How many eggs can I collect?
Air conditioner : 14 pieces

You fans outside the industry, he agrees. Or support in our egg deposit this time?
Air: He agrees. And the doctor has fingers too. It’s okay, I have an appointment for surgery and I have to collect eggs today. The doctor said that in order to store the eggs of the woman, freeze them first. it has to be mixed is to mix the males with the females. then inject it again The doctor said that in the process some eggs may be wasted. It means that if we can collect 14, it’s not that we can take it out and use it at 14. There may be some loss. The doctor asked if it was registered. He said that if we registered first, it means it’s legal. We can mix the men’s stuff and soak them in pairs. If it is fertilized into an embryo, it will be more efficient and have a greater chance of survival. I quit kidding. Will you register with me? Mom still doesn’t know about it, remember? Let’s go register

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So we haven’t mixed it yet, right?
Air conditioner: Not yet. I haven’t mixed it yet.

How much does it cost to collect eggs now?
Air conditioner: almost 2 hundred thousand, each with a promotion

Ready to ring the wedding bells?
Air: It’s embarrassing when you’re on TV and have to say It’s embarrassing, but we feel that it’s qualified. Our maturity is already working like this. And we know that we have a certain level of stability. Before, we would feel how much money would be required to build a family? in order to have children How much money do you need? But the air conditioner really looked at it. And it doesn’t have to be that ready. Let’s say we aim high. If we wait that much, we don’t have children. So I feel that I don’t have 100% perfection or 100% readiness like that, so I can ask now.


So we are very confident with this person?
Air : Since we have talked for a while But the air conditioner said that our age has changed. Actually, the air conditioner has not known him for a very long time, about 2 years or more, but with age, work and thinking, we have grown up.

How do you know?
Air: It’s a coincidence. I will say that Air or Fern Phasakorn is in the gang of single women who like to party a lot. or to sit and chill Being single and we are lonely. If you don’t want to stay at home, go and sit with your pals. And it turns out that one day, sitting around, a friend called me at midnight saying Is your friend in this shop? So we feel that we can’t stop by. Come on, let’s go and find it. I’m with Kud. Are you okay? Okay, come on. When I go, it’s like a private party.

It was like a birthday party and they closed the whole shop. I walked in and I was shocked how could we come to a private shop? But there was still a table left, we walked secretly to sit next to it. And no one cares about us. like we are air like he organized He sang his birthday song. Then we sit and take our orders. Then complain to Toad why are you following?

Then suddenly, a friend who invited Air came to tell the singer that he had invited Khun Air Panthila to come up and sing for the host as well. Who are we? who is the host It’s like taking us to sing Happy Birthday to him. I call it the wrong name, right name, but with the instinct and spirit of being an entertainer. So I went up and sang 3 songs and told my friends to go home. The job was full of men. but we don’t know anyone So we thought we were better.

Then I just realized that we said the name of the owner of the event wrong. His name is Joke. I said that I wish Brother Jo to be very happy. I feel like giving up. It’s not our place. we better go home But while going out of the shop, there will be a group of men standing in front of the shop. then we’re going to walk out We are blessed. I’ll be back soon So his friend nudged him, there was a group of white elephants. Walk in and say hello to him now. The air conditioner doesn’t take it. Embarrassed. Let’s go home. My friends want me to have a boyfriend. Because at that time we were quite lonely and wanted to have friends to talk to. We didn’t care. But believe it or not, when you walk out of the shop I still dance with my friends while walking to fetch a car.

Because at that time, around 2-3 am, the driver had to go back. Had to call a car in front of the alley and was dancing while a man walked by. Excuse me, my friend wants to know How do we ask? So he asked if B-Line. We are presumptuous. Can I be an IG first? He said that he wasn’t on IG. The air conditioner is like … well, look at you. Toot told me to go first, then I’ll block it. So I let go But after that, we didn’t talk much. This is the starting point to meet at a birthday party.

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Ask if the first glimpse is the specification or not. It’s also not a specification, it’s just that. or a pub shop I felt that he had to play for sure, but after that, I don’t know what happened, so we met all the time. Even though we didn’t make an appointment, for example, I went to sit in this shop. I sat for about an hour and didn’t pay attention. Turning around again, he sits at the table next to him. Often, I sit, stand and dance with Bael. Ao…he comes to the table next to me. So often that we feel that it will be this often to join the table. So it felt like they were really starting to be friends. From not often answering his lines, asking for answers, he became closer. But in the end, all of them can’t choose for themselves. Let the Father choose for you.


Is that you take the man to the Father?
Air conditioner: Yes, let’s talk for a while. Do you remember? I’m not ready to meet at the travel destination And then we felt that at that time there was another person flirting with us. I don’t know what it is When I’m single, it’s quiet. But as soon as a man came in, another man came in.

Is the other person handsome?
Air conditioner: The other person is just, not the same style. But the other person is 4-5 years older than the air conditioner, but the person I’m currently dating is 4 years younger than the air conditioner. because we feel that he looks like he’s ready to get married, looks stable, doesn’t want to travel I don’t want to be nervous anymore If the child still wants to travel and want to play, bring a friend to take the two of them alternating days. Fern choose between older and younger. Who do you choose? Fern then chooses a child. Bael you choose Everyone chooses all children. We are like, right? Adults have good angles. Why didn’t anyone choose He couldn’t decide, so he took him to see Luang Pho in Ayutthaya. took both of them, but each day

What does the father say?
Air conditioner: Luang Pho was shocked. At first, he took the adults before Monday. It’s Wednesday again In conclusion, the monk said that it’s better to have a relationship with children. Children are better. They will obey us. he will be considerate of us Together, the stars will support each other. I’ll be at ease So I went back to cancel that person.

So why not launch it?
Air: I didn’t open it. But if you ask why not launching with the media, it means posting a picture, with the fact that my man doesn’t like to take pictures at all, has no pictures, used to open his mobile phone, he didn’t have a selfie of himself at all.

Has the air host ever asked him to take a picture?
Air conditioner : The air conditioner used to take a photo like bringing a mobile phone to take a photo. just send a picture After a while, the air conditioner turned to look at him deleting all the photos he took with us. Why did the air conditioner ask? Don’t you keep some? He said it was already in the air conditioner. The machine will be heavy He wouldn’t normally pick up anything like this. He doesn’t like taking pictures. There is no moment suite at all.


Do you regret seeing him delete our photos?
Air conditioner: I forced you to keep 2 photos. He didn’t get anything. Maybe it’s like it can be trusted or not. Or is it strange or not, why not keep our pictures? We talk to him all the time. And by nature, he is such a person. Wherever you go, try to report And then we felt that it was not necessary. Another view that the air conditioner Air conditioner doesn’t want to crack. Air had been in a relationship with a boyfriend.

Then Air used to post a picture with his girlfriend. And in the end, when it can’t go on together For the air itself When he said it, a lot of people saw it. And when he goes to be a girlfriend with that person, each person will tell us. which we did not want to know He is in the past Air so felt that if it wasn’t in the spot where they were married, they wouldn’t have to talk about it. If it’s married or in the future have children It’s nothing secret. But he just might not like it. And we don’t want to scrub him.

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Have you taken him to the debut with our family yet?
Air conditioner: It’s done. In the past, father. Mom is already chill Whoever your child likes will like it too. But will watch from a distance, launch or not? Air conditioner doesn’t want to be in a relationship like a child.

With this man, how seriously do you look at the future?
Air: Seriously, really, a person who is serious about love, but with age, having a boyfriend, no one wants to quit. Therefore, the air conditioner thinks that if we are in a relationship with an air conditioner, we want to be ourselves seriously. Let him know that we are like this.

How long have you been together for over 2 years?
Air: Actually, Air has met him for about 2 years, but if you ask how much they are dating now, it’s probably more than two years. Many people are shocked that they have been dating a man for more than two years. for more than two years to say that it does not reach The elder who took me to Ayutthaya with him was shocked.

I think it might be because it’s a woman of merit. So you find a man you like?
Air: Believe it or not, in the past, I used to sit and cry with Fern and my friends. We say that we are not a bad person. Why haven’t we met any good men? Previously asked if there were any men coming in, but it was strange. Hey…we said we made merit. be a filial child Intends to earn a living, not cheating on anyone, why are people coming in strangely? Crying with my friends that I did something wrong Why are the men who come in like this?


Can you help me find a bed during covids?
Air conditioner: Yes, it happened when the air conditioner had to bite. and then there is nothing to do And stay in a condo in a square room, don’t go out, the society is very disgusted is in the room When he ordered the rice, he would hang it on the door. We picked it up and ate it, and that’s it. And we thought if we could spend our free time doing something for someone else? At that time, the air conditioner was not on. But just not stuck, still stressful. and the addicted person at that time could not find the bed How stressful will he be? So I announced that anyone who wants the air conditioner to help coordinate the bed.

The air conditioner will help you make another call. A lot of people contact If combined with the second round that the air conditioner has been open for 7 days, 4000 people add in. Cry again. It’s very stressful. It’s stressful. This is about him being sick. he waits for treatment And if we can’t help him in time It meant his life.

How are the heavy cases found?
Air conditioner : It is air conditioner that only coordinates to find a bed. is to send the next story to P’Bum Panadda, a good organization Then Bum will send it to you. NHSO continues We have to collect the cases and send them to some people. How is the air conditioner going to fall up? Has anyone contacted you? He sent a picture of the coffin back. It’s fine. Father is dead. We will feel that it is very sad. We tried to help But we couldn’t help him in time. At one point the doctor told me that I had depression, so stop it or you’ll get worse. That is, I can’t sleep. That is, every day I sleep thinking that we can help someone else. We want to find a field hospital by ourselves. We have enough money Can we help anyone? Can he separate himself? I think all day and can’t sleep until the doctor told me to stop


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