Air Travel Guide: Complete Conditions for Boarding Lion Air and Citilink Airplanes As of November 2021 – The following is flight conditions and documents that must be completed by prospective passengers Lion Air and Citilink Indonesia.

These rules are set by the government and apply to all passengers aircraft during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recommended, those of you who want to travel with aircraft and before buying or booking airline tickets, first pay attention to the following things.

These regulations are summarized based on policies issued by the government, relevant authorities and airlines.

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For the record, if you have bought a plane ticket, come early or 3-4 hours before the scheduled flight departure, to make it easier to take care of various administration before the flight.

It is also recommended for those who are not interested in urging not to travel long distances during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Plane boarding requirements Lion Air:

Reported from the site Domestic flight provisions are carried out in order to support government policies related to the implementation of efforts to prevent, handle and control Covid-19.

Here are the conditions:

– From/to/between Java and Bali Islands: Certificate of complete dose of vaccine and negative result of rapid antigen test (1×24 hours) or certificate of first dose of vaccine and negative result of PCR test (3×24 hours)

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