Business AirBit Club in the face of the economic crisis...

AirBit Club in the face of the economic crisis unleashed by Covid-19

In the face of the current health crisis, AirBit Club has given economic strength to more than 15,000 families in Mexico, by providing the opportunity to obtain a stable job from home with fixed earnings on digital assets.

Recently, the Ministry of Health officially declared stage 3 of the Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico. In other words, the country is in a phase where a large number of cases will accumulate, there will be more infections and the number of deaths will rise.

As a consequence, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) anticipated that the Mexican economy will contract up to 6.5% due to the health crisis. Furthermore, the country has already been economically affected in the price of its raw materials, in its production chains, in tourism, and the Mexican peso has been devalued.

In Latin America, the unemployment rate is estimated to increase to 11.5%, which represents 37.7 million unemployed people and 30 million more people in poverty.

However, there are digital business options that allow you to work from home and generate fixed income, even in times of crisis. Within this area, AirBit Club stands out as the first decentralized financial education club with a presence in more than 160 countries and 2 million active users.

AirBit Club enables its members to make a profit on digital assets and build their own business by integrating cryptoeconomics, technology and marketing networks. Additionally, the club has chosen to create new, cheaper programs with the aim of providing a job opportunity for people affected by the coronavirus crisis.

In Mexico, they started in 2015 with only 30 members. In 2018, they reached approximately 33,000 users, however, their accelerated growth forced them to migrate to a faster system and capable of supporting more transactions. The change of platform lasted more than three months, however they achieved excellent results.

Currently they have 81,925 users within the Mexican territory, making it the eighth country with the highest growth. In the last 60 days alone, AirBit Club has made more than 65,000 Bitcoin payment transactions to more than 15,000 members and in the first two weeks of May, nearly 18,000 payments in digital assets have been generated to Mexican members, which It represents significant support for their families and for boosting the economy of the entire nation.

AirBit Club is the pioneering company in the world of cryptoeconomics since its creation 5 years ago, for this reason, it has had to overcome adversities: the lack of education on the subject, disinformation, criticism, people who have not managed to adapt to its system of operation and even black campaigns created by institutions and individuals.

However, it has come out ahead as the fastest growing club in its category that stands out for its constant innovation, has established itself as a reliable business option for millions of people who have managed to change their quality of life and is one of the few companies of digital economy that operate effectively in the world.

Learn more about AirBit Club.


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