Airbnb makes denial permanent

The rental company previously introduced a temporary ban on having parties in apartments for short-term rentals.

Now Airbnb believes that the ban has been so successful that they choose to make the scheme permanent.

It writes the news agency AP.

– Reports indicate that the number of parties has fallen by 44 percent since last year, the company says in a statement.

Airbnb began looking at the challenge of partying in rental apartments after a shooting incident in California in 2019.

During the pandemic, the problem increased when people rented Airbnb apartments to party, since the nightclubs were closed.

At home in Norway, there have also been constant stories from people who have come home to demolished apartments.

Michael Berg and Ole Kristian Hansen came home cocaine party, stool on the bedding and major damage to the apartment in Trondheim back in 2018.

They had taken the mirror down the hall, put it on the living room table and sniffed cocaine. There were clear stripes on the table, Berg said.

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