Aircraft giant with problems: Boeing after 737-Max debacle with profit slump


The US aviation giant Boeing earned significantly less at the beginning of the year and canceled its targets for 2019 after the crashes of two 737 Max machines.

Since it is still unclear when and under what conditions the best selling aircraft type may withdraw, a new forecast will be announced later, said the Airbus rival in Chicago. The debacle about the 737 Max machines already left a clear mark on the balance sheet.

In the first quarter, Boeing's profits slumped 13 percent to $ 2.1 billion (€ 1.9 billion) compared to the same period last year. Because the manufacturer is no longer allowed to ship new copies as a result of the second crash of a 737 Max machine in March, sales fell 2 percent to $ 22.9 billion.

Boeing put the previous 737 Max problems at over $ 1 billion, but did not say how much future business will suffer.

The current business outlook for 2019, however, is no longer valid and will be updated when there is more clarity about the issues with the 737 Max series. Boeing had originally intended to ship 895 to 905 passenger and cargo aircraft this year.

The turnover should reach 109.5 to 111.5 billion dollars. For earnings per share, the management had 21.90 to 22.10 dollars in mind. Because of claims for damages of airlines and members of the passengers killed in the crashes threaten Boeing but now high loads.

The aircraft manufacturer is after the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, in which a total of 346 people died, massively in the criticism. A manufacturer error in a control software, which was developed specifically for Boeing's fuel-efficient new edition of the 737 series, according to preliminary investigation reports as a potentially decisive cause of accident. Boeing is working flat out on a much-anticipated software update to get the aviation authorities to re-register the 737 Max planes. But with a quick certification is currently not expected.


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