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The aircraft of the Australian airline exceeds the non-stop flight record

The aircraft of the Australian airline Qantas Airways completed the New York – Sydney flight, which has become the longest non-stop flight in history. About this show Web site data of the Sydney International Airport.

such as reported the airline on Twitter, the flight duration was 19 hours and 16 minutes, the ocean liner arrived at the airport with a delay of 37 minutes.

On board there were 50 passengers and members of the crew. Previously a Qantas flight target say study of the effect of extra-long flights on passengers and crew. The airline said that the observations made during the flight will help develop measures to improve the conditions of the people on board, minimize jet lag and identify optimal time intervals for work and the rest of the crew.

The previous record belonged to Singapore Airlines. In 2018, the aircraft of the airline operating from Singapore to New York conducted in the air 17 hours 25 minutes.



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