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Saving with AirPods – these are the alternatives for technology fans

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Woman with smartphone and AirPods Woman with smartphone and AirPods

In-Ear Headphones: Different models offer comfort and many more extras

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If you can go without the design of Apple and instead pay primarily for technical quality, you can choose instead of expensive AirPods alternative in-ear headphones models. Many products make as much as the trendy white ear buds and look just as good.

AAlthough Apple was initially ridiculed by critics for developing high-priced in-ear headphones with the AirPods, which are easier to lose thanks to wireless technology, the quality, design and functionality of the multifunctional headphones have become popular – many see Therefore, to Bluetooth EarPods around, which are cheaper than the brand product. It stands out: both in terms of design and technology, many manufacturers are now based on the wireless headphones from Apple – only that prices are often significantly lower.

Bluetooth EarPods: These are almost like the original

One thing in advance: For Original AirPods* with a wireless charging case you usually pay 229 euros – on Amazon, the in-ear headphones are even available for a few euros less. Especially for athletes or when traveling, they are practical – this is where EarPods Bluetooth has to be the standard, in order to train, work or relax without annoying cables.

A good alternative to AirPods are for example the Bluetooth headphones from Wincase*, which are even based on the characteristic shape and color of Apple's luxury EarPods. And the case also works as a mobile charging station for the small Bluetooth devices, which allow a charge of playing up to three and a half hours of music or three hours of phone calls.

Also a cheap and stylish alternative to AirPods: The Bluetooth earbuds from Acokki* in black or white. They are also supplied in a charging case and can easily put away rain or sweat, making them particularly suitable as sports headphones. Among other things, buyers praise the pleasant wearing comfort, which ensures that even after several hours of listening to music, the ears do not hurt.

iPhone EarPods vs. AirPods

Since 2012, the iPhone apple earbuds* delivered with their typical shape together with every new smartphone. The special feature: Apple is relying on a design for which hundreds of ears were scanned to guarantee the most universal fit possible and thus make silicone attachments, as they are often supplied with in-ear headphones, superfluous. AirPods have almost the same shape – so you got so far with the iPhone EarPods cope well, should also fit the Bluetooth EarPods.

Also in the sound quality, both products take almost nothing. The storage in the bag, however, is easier thanks to the supplied case with AirPods – here tangled no more cable, cable breakage or dirty earplugs are a thing of the past. However, they need to be recharged regularly, the variant with cable works without power.

Tip: Because Apple renounces the headphone jack since the iPhone 7, you inevitably have to use a cable for using older in-ear headphones Lightning headphone jack * use. When buying a newer iPhone model, EarPods with Lightning connector are already included.

Samsung Gear IconX: Luxury alternative to AirPods

Also, the manufacturer Samsung has tried on its own version of Bluetooth EarPods and the Samsung Gear IconX* developed. They offer many smart features, such as wireless music playback. But even on the integrated MP3 player with four GB of memory, content can be played, so that the smartphone for sporting activities can sometimes remain at home or in the locker. The earbuds also record fitness data such as distance covered, duration of exercise, speed and calorie consumption. Even a voice coach can provide users with useful fitness tips directly via the in-ear headphones – for up to seven hours on a single charge. The only drawback: So many features have their price. The Samsung Gear IconX wireless headphones still cost a few euros more than Apple's AirPods.

"True Wireless" -EarPods: convince even cheaper alternatives

One thing to keep in mind before buying AirPods for the gym or jogging: Apple does not explicitly state that the "True Wireless" EcoPods are protected from water, sweat and dust. Especially when outdoor sports is therefore better to make sure that the small Bluetooth earbuds are not wet or dirty.

Relaxed you can do it with the MPOW Bluetooth headphones* tackle: they are waterproof, resistant to sweat and absolutely dust-resistant, so it is not dramatic when jogging, should a headphone accidentally fall to the ground. The fit of the low-priced earhocks, which can be adjusted with silicone earplugs, guarantees a secure fit. In particular, users who struggle with the universal form of iPhone earbuds can often do more with the affordable "True Wireless" in-ear headphones than with the Apple product.

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