Technology AirPods Pro too expensive? You score them for next...

AirPods Pro too expensive? You score them for next to nothing at Wish

Wish is a place where you as a consumer, just like websites such as AliExpress, can score very cheap gadgets. Nine times out of ten you have to deal with a rip-off of another product, but at least it ensures that you do not lose hundreds of euros. Something that certainly also applies to the AirPods.

Apple’s earphones are immensely popular. Logical, because they work well and offer excellent sound quality. That is also allowed, because the AirPods cost you at least € 179. Something that not everyone just puts down for a few ears. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

AirPods Pro on Wish

The only question is whether you should look for these alternatives on Wish. The earphones usually cost you at least $ 179, so we don’t need to explain that $ 7 AirPods may not quite provide the experience you’ve hoped for.

They can be found in abundance on Wish. AirPods from € 7, from € 24 and even from € 14. We are not only talking about the normal AirPods, but also about the AirPods Pro with Noise cancellation. It all sounds too good to be true… and it actually is.

Meet the Airs Pro 101!

Airs Pro 101

At first sight, the Airs Pro 101 seem to be the “real deal”. The earphones look like legit AirPods Pro including Noise cancellation, but at the reasonable price of € 23.

This AirPods Pro alternative probably does not have Noise-Cancellation, but on paper it appears to be resistant to water and sweat. In addition, the earphones have Bluetooth 5.0 and it is possible to perform various actions from the earphones. For example, the music can be paused, it is possible to take a phone call and you can even activate Siri.

AirPods Pro Wish
The functionalities (Image: Wish)

It is difficult to say how the ears manage to hold up in practice. Although we see in the reviews that there is some difficulty with the connection. There is not much to say about the sound quality, although you should not expect very much for € 23.

Oh and by the way, be careful! Official AirPods are used in the photos, but they probably look very different in practice.

This photo on Wish:

AirPods Pro Wish
Photo on Wish (Image: Wish)

From an AirPods Pro video by YouTuber Marques Brownlee:

AirPods Pro Wish
Screenshot from MKBHD video (Image: Wish)

Just saying.

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AirPods Pro too expensive? You buy them for next to nothing on Wish!


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