Airports in London and Paris in chaos, flights are cancelled

London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle are canceling more flights. Heathrow cites safety concerns as strike hits passengers in French capital. The travel chaos in Europe continues even at the beginning of the peak tourist season, reported Bloomberg.

Heathrow asked airlines to cancel 30 flights on Thursday morning, citing concerns that peak passenger numbers would exceed the level it could safely handle. France’s civil aviation authority ordered a 17 percent reduction in flights at Charles de Gaulle airport amid a firefighter strike and extended the restrictions until Friday, when the strike is expected to expand further. Bloomberg reported.

European airports are collapsing, Prague is holding on. Yet

Hour-long queues for check-in and security checks are already a reality at many European airports. Prague Airport is still holding on, but the numbers are against it. The lack of airport and airline employees is to blame, combined with the possibility of traveling without coronavirus restrictions for the first time in two and a half years.

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Although the services affected represent only a small part of the total, the last-minute cancellations add to the confusion surrounding travel in Europe. The reason is a lack of staff, many of whom are being treated for a new variant of covid, and protests by those who allegedly work in difficult conditions at airports. The result, among other things, is that passengers at Heathrow have complained of chaos in the terminals after the changes were only announced late on Wednesday night. And some claim they were only told when they arrived at the airport.

Britain has therefore published a 22-point action plan aimed at improving travel and avoiding a repeat of earlier problems for the coming time when school staff go on summer vacation in the coming weeks. Among other things, the plan calls on airlines to re-evaluate whether published flight schedules are realistic and cancel flights if necessary, with their airport slots, or secured positions in the flight schedule, protected by the recent rule change.

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Airport, illustration photo

Chaos at airports. Lufthansa cancels thousands of flights due to staff shortages, other airlines due to strikes

Instead of the expected summer recovery, air transport in Europe is facing more and more problems – staff shortages and increasing pressure from its employees threatened by strikes. The consequence is thousands of canceled flights, delays of several hours and endless queues, reports Bloomberg.

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Carriers should also promptly inform passengers of their rights if something goes wrong and pay the requested compensation in a timely manner. Transport Minister Grant Shapps said in a statement that “it is now up to airports and airlines to commit to operating the flights they have promised or cancel them with sufficient advance notice.

Medium and short-haul flights cancelled

In Paris, Thursday’s blackout led to the closure of two of Charles de Gaulle’s four runways between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. Air France cancels 62 flights while maintaining all long-haul connections and 90 percent of short- and medium-haul connections, the spokesman said.

A number of businesses are reported to be closed, even in the busiest parts of London

Reportage from post-covid London: People are missing everywhere. In transport, shops and the museum

After almost two years, it is finally possible to get to London without any restrictions, and Czechs can go shopping on Oxford Street or visit the British Museum as they did before the pandemic. However, post-pandemic London has several problems. It starts with overpriced hotels in the center and ends with a lack of Uber drivers. And did you know that just one “shop assistant” is enough for an entire medium-sized Marks & Spencer?

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Chaos at France’s largest airport will continue on Friday at the same level flight cancellations and runway closures, as a strike is planned by unions representing a wider range of employees, including security and refueling employees. Talks between the operator of Gaul Airport and employee representatives are ongoing, but no agreement has yet been reached on wages. Workers are demanding better working conditions and better compensation to reflect high inflation.

Already last week, Lufthansa contributed to the growing restlessness of passengerswhich canceled 900 flights at the beginning of June, and announced the cancellation of another 2,200 domestic and European routes a week ago. This is four percent of the company’s capacity during this period. In Belgium, the pilots and cabin crew of Brussels Airlines have also been on strike since Thursday. The employees of this subsidiary of German Lufthansa criticize, among other things, the high workload. 315 flights were to be canceled by Saturday.

Ryanair workers also announced a strike last week, and the British Airways trade union announced a strike alert.

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