Aitana Bonmatí, protagonist in a campaign to recognize Catalan in the EU

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The female FC Barcelona player Aitana Bonmatí has participated in a video of the ‘Say Yes’ campaign of the Platform for Language in which he urges the Prime Minister of Finland, Petteri Orpowhich supports the recognition of Catalan as an official language in the European Union.

Finland is one of the countries represented in the Council of the EU that expressed doubts in the September meeting about the official status of Catalan in the EU “due to not having enough information to determine all the consequences of this recognition”, reported Plataforma per la Llengua in a statement this Monday.

In the video, Good morning has stated that Catalan is his language, that of the FC Barcelona and also the language with which millions of people feel represented and that is why “all European countries must say ‘yes’ and vote in favor” of its official status, which will be debated again this Wednesday in the Council of the EU.

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