Aitana denies "have collapsed" at his concert in Malaga due to criticism of his choreographies

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Since a few days ago several videos of the dances that the father has included in the choreographies of his Alpha Tour, labeled as sexual or inappropriate for certain ages, the Catalan artist is in the spotlight. Although numerous defenders of the union, such as Ruth Lorenzo, have spoken out in favor of artistic freedom, there are also many fathers and mothers who continue to criticize the singer’s new facet through social networks.

After the whirlwind of criticism, some media outlets have echoed a video of the concert he gave in Malaga yesterday, Sunday, where the singer breaks down crying in the middle of one of her performances and addresses the audience to share some reflections: “Life is constant changes. I am 24 years old and I am very grateful to life for everything it has made me experience. I truly feel privileged to be able to work as that I like, that everyone in my family is healthy, that my friends are lifelong friends. I feel very lucky“, he confessed.

However, the viral video has been misinterpreted and the singer has been forced to deny that the emotional tears shed during her monologue were due to the criticism received for her “extremely sexual” choreography. As she pointed out in before singing The Killersthe ballad that supposedly narrates her love story with Sebastián Yatra: “My emotional state there is because of a song of my setlist that gives me that emotion when I sing it. Nothing to do with the other, the other everything is fine,” she clarified this afternoon.

For a few minutes, Aitana not only wanted to talk about her situation, including some hintsbut also send a message of support to those followers who are going through a stage similar to yours: “I just want to tell you that, if someone is going through a bad time, or feels that they are in a moment of change and that it is not the best of the world, you end up realizing, and I will also end up realizing, that I have a lot left to live. You end up realizing that all change is experienceand tell you that in life you feel free to do what you really want,” said the performer, and then continued with the show.

“I always do everything with elegance. If a child were to hear it, I don’t think it would be a big deal, there is nothing to hide. They have never hidden anything from me. It is important to grow up with that sexual education,” Aitana explained in her last interview for EL MUNDO, when asked about the transformation in his musical style and the influence it could have on younger audiences.

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