Aitor Esteban recovers Rajoy’s tractor against Feijóo and leaves a suspicion: "Someday I will tell you what they offered us a couple of months ago"

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The investiture plenary session of Pedro Sánchez has served to demonstrate the head-on clash that the PP and the PNV are going to star in over the coming months, at least until the Basque regional elections that will be held in the first half of 2024.

If in Wednesday’s session Alberto Núñez Feijóo wondered if the PNV had changed “the tractor” for “the hammer and sickle”, this Thursday the spokesman for the nationalists answered him in verse, with this tercet: “Alberto, your tractor’s engine has seized from using Vox oil”.

Both thus referred to the famous parliamentary episode of the 2016 investiture debate, in which Mariano Rajoy responded rhyming to the spokesperson. ruler Stephen said: “Although you love me Mariano, give less firewood and more grain”. And the then president responded: “If you want grain, Aitor, I will leave you my tractor”.

Furthermore, Esteban has assured that the popular They are making a mistake by raising the tone against Sánchez, because grandiloquence (some in the PP have spoken of “dictatorship”) also appeals to Philip VIwho is the one who has initiated the investiture process.

“Spain only breaks if some people rule,” Esteban said to Feijóo, before warning him that he also wanted to pay tolls to the PNV in exchange for its support in the failed investiture in September: “Someday I will probably tell you what they offered us a couple of months ago… it was going to be striking”. This has caused laughter and applause from the socialist bench.

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