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Akif Güclü leaves the Haller Löwen and is looking for a new challenge! – Fußball Tirol – results, tables and goal scorers from all leagues in Tyrol.

The coaching carousel begins to spin in May – also in the Regionalliga Tirol. New trainer in Schwaz and Kitzbühel and also with the Haller Löwen Akif Güclü has surprisingly resigned from his functions. It was a resignation by mutual agreement and after a highly successful job in which Hall has established itself in the top Tyrolean league. Akif is looking for a new challenge and the editorial team of Tirol thanks you for the great cooperation and wishes you good luck for the tasks ahead.

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Find a new challenge

Akif Güclü: “There were certainly a couple of reasons that made my decision. Pretty much in the first place is that we were actually able to achieve the goals we set ourselves. When I took over the Hall team, Hall was a relegation candidate in the Tirol League. And we set our goals quite high – we just wanted to go to the regional league and we succeeded. In the Regionalliga Tirol, I think we did very well considering our possibilities. We absolutely kept up with teams like Kitzbühel and left some renowned teams behind us. It is a pity, of course, that curbing the Corona pandemic means that the second half of the season cannot be played. We would have done a good job. The second major goal of establishing a second combat team was also successful. During the Corona shutdown I had a lot of time to think and then I decided to look for a new challenge! The separation from SV Hall was, of course, in mutual agreement! “

Personal union trainer and sporting director

Akif Güclü: Like almost everything in life, the dual function of trainer and sporting director, which I did at Hall, has advantages and disadvantages. You have to act “gently” as a trainer, because there are always contract extensions by the sporting director. So a fine line to avoid making yourself “unpopular”. If you are a sporting leader and trainer in one person, you can pull through the line without “big disputes”. The players that the trainer sees as reinforcements are then – if possible – brought in – without any grueling discussions! ”

Football after Corona Lockdown

Akif Güclü: “Fortunately, and certainly also because of the measures, the situation has improved significantly. However, I no longer understand the restrictions in their current form. When hardware stores and Co. have opened and the crowds are crowding, the training regulations are surely exaggerated. Little is clear towards autumn either. But I think that the number of spectators could be limited to half the capacity, which the clubs would be able to live with. Of course, it varies from club to budget-heavy audience income – at least from the approach. However, it will be difficult to motivate the players under the current circumstances – especially as long as nothing is certain due to the restart in autumn. However, I am very optimistic that due to the extremely low number of infections, there will currently be a definitive decision in the next two to three weeks. Above all, it would be important to allow normal team training “

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