Akmal Marhali Calls Jordi a great deal to ASEAN because it doesn’t sell in Europe

GenPI.co – Koordinator Save Our Soccer, Akmal Marhali | provide feedback regarding the career of naturalized Indonesian player Jordi Amat which ended with the Belgian team, KAS Eupen.

For information, Jordi Amat is rumored to be making a career at ASEAN after his contract was not extended at KAS Eupen.

Akmal said he didn’t want to be too concerned about where Jordi Amat decide on your next career.

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Because, whatever decision has been taken will be the consequences of a professional footballer.

“Jordi Amat has the right to play anywhere,” he told GenPI.co, Wednesday (13/4).

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He said it would be a setback if Jodi Amat really had a career in ASEAN.

This is inseparable from the quality of ASEAN football which is not yet on par with the European continent.

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“The sign in Europe is no longer sold Jordi Amat,” he said.

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