Al Ahli in a message to the fans: please do not rejoice against people or institutions against Life


Mohamed Morjane, the club's executive director, did not rejoice against any person or institution during the Vita Club game in the first group stage of the African Champions League on Saturday night.

"Please do not follow the calls that have emerged in the last hours through social networks, which require attacks and typhus for some institutions and individuals during the game of the Congolese Life Club," Murjan said in his comments via Yalla Koura.

He continued: "I hope from the public the commitment of Ahli to encourage only his team and not give any opportunity to create crises during the current period".

Morjan stressed that Al Ahly fans have a great deal of awareness and responsibility, and will not leave anyone the opportunity to demolish everything the board has built and have reached agreements to participate in the games.

He added: "I hope that the public participating in the game does not follow these calls, because Ahli respects all the Egyptian national institutions without exception and appreciates their role and sacrifices".

Al-Ahly will play against Vita Club at 9:00 am on Saturday at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alessandria.

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