Al-Ahli refuses to be held responsible for my piece and criticizes him for Fathi and Yasser Ibrahim


Ahli's loss to the Vita Club led to a 1-0 loss at Martyrs & # 39; Stadium in the Congolese capital of Kinshasa in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League in the Red Castle and perhaps out. The fans were angry with the team, the Uruguayan Martin Lassarte, who failed to lead the team in foreign matches at the African Championships, got close to Al-Saoura in Algeria and then lost to the Simba in Tanzania and then he moved to the Vita Club in the Congo.

A source of Al Ahli for "Day Seven" said that Lassarty's management for strong games is a mystery on the blackboard especially after the failure of the Larti to lead the victory away from home and there are several mysterious things, in particular the lack of participation of Yasser Ibrahim, despite the readiness and delay The appearance of Ahmed Fathi despite the recovery from injury and his inability to load the players morally Bchml qualify them to win away from home.

The source stressed that the Council will not be held responsible for the technical piece after every game, but there will be a "pause" of course with him after the young Saura match next Saturday at the Burj Al Arab, which will determine the impact of Ahli's position to qualify for the fourth or less. The source explained that there is also a state of rage against some players whose level is still a mystery in the team.



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