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Al-Ahly: Applying the list to members of the technical staff and players who appeared in satellite channels

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Mohsen Saleh, head of the football planning committee at Al-Ahly Club, revealed the most important matters discussed during the committee meeting, on Tuesday, with Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of the ball, in the presence of committee members Zakaria Nassef and Khaled Bebo.

The Chairman of the Planning Committee said that one of the files discussed was regarding the appearance of members of the technical staff and players in TV channels, and the application of the club regulation to everyone, whether the elements of the device, including the coach or the ball director or players, who appeared in satellite channels in a way that preserves the material rights of Al-Ahly And literary.

“Saleh” said, in statements conveyed by the club’s official website, that this meeting came as part of a series of meetings that took place during the last period, to discuss many files relating to the first team and the junior and academic sector, and to prepare for the next stage, which may witness the resumption of the league championship if the government agrees to This, ensuring everyone’s safety first and protecting clubs from various losses.

He added that the committee was reassured by “Abdul Hafeez” on the progress of work, and the technical staff communicated with the players and adhered to training programs at home, according to the vision and plan of the coach.

He pointed out that the committee discussed with the director of the ball everything related to the next stage and preparing a complete picture of all files, to be presented to Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club president, with the aim of providing all the support that the team and its technical staff need in the next stage.

He added that the meeting touched upon the condition of the injured players, who had performed surgeries for long periods, such as Muhammad Mahmoud, Karim Nedved and Saad Samir, and to provide the capabilities that would enable them to implement their qualification programs, in light of the current conditions and the cessation of sports activity.

Captain Mohsen Saleh pointed to the full support of the committee for the technical staff and players, the continuation of the meetings during the coming period, communication with the director of the ball on several files, and providing success mechanisms to achieve the aspirations of the fans of Al-Ahly and its members.

Turning to the previous meetings, the Chairman of the Planning Committee mentioned that he witnessed the discussion of the reports submitted by: Captain Fathi Mabrouk, Director of the Junior Sector, Captain Amr Anwar, Technical Director of the Youth Team, Captain Mahmoud Saleh, Director of Talent Management, as well as the report submitted by the Director General of the Academies about the period Past. As well as developing the work mechanism and preparing for the next stage at all levels, whether technical, administrative or infrastructure, to ensure the success of the work in a manner commensurate with the value of Al-Ahly and the support of the Board of Directors and its chairman, Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

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