Al-Ahly led the coastal star with a clean goal in the first half .. Video


The first half of the Al-Ahly and Al-Sahel star match, currently held in Al-Salam stadium, ended in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League with Al-Ahly advancing with a clean goal.

Al-Ahly plays the meeting with a composition consisting of: Mohamed El-Shennawy, Ramy Rabia, Yasser Ibrahim, Hussein El-Shahat, Mohamed Hani, Alio Diang, Amr El-Soulia, Marwan Mohsen, Ali Maaloul, Ahmed El-Sheikh and Ajay.

The list of replacements includes Sherif Ekrami – Mahmoud Metwalli – Walid Suleiman – Ayman Ashraf – Elio Badji – Ahmed Fathi – Kahraba and came out of the list, Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, in an unexpected surprise, and runs the match – which is attended by ten thousand fans – the South African referee, Victor Gomez.

The start came enthusiastic on the part of the two teams and Al-Ahly tried to score an early goal through the front line Ajay, Marwan and Sheikh, but the guests defense appeared very coherent, and Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Shennawi shone and defended a strong shot from the coastal star in the sixth minute and succeeded in turning the ball into a corner kick to miss the first real opportunity In the game.

The two teams continued to play enthusiastically, the Tunisian team appeared well, and Al-Ahly launched the attacks, and did not shrink defensively, while Al-Ahly tried to penetrate the coastal star’s fortifications.

At a time when Al-Ahly failed to reach the goalkeeper’s goal, the star succeeded in launching a dangerous attack on Al-Ahly and Karim Oreibi was singled out by Mohamed El-Shinnawy, but the latter shone again and brilliantly saved the situation in the 21st minute, after Hussein El-Shahat received a ball and the star goalkeeper came out, but El-Shahat fired the ball away About the net.

At different intervals, Al-Ahly tries to reach the Tunisian team’s goal, but the “final touch” is still far from Al-Ahly and Hussein Al-Shahat wasted opportunities to score the first goal of Al-Ahly after he fired a strong ball that the Tunisian goalkeeper tackled then Al-Ahly continued pressing for Ajay to score the first Al-Ahly goal in the 32nd minute of the follow-up Good for a ball bounced back from the defense of the guests.

Al-Ahly continued to put pressure on the Tunisian team, taking advantage of a good moral boost after the goal, while the Tunisian team resorted to the counterattack. The match between the champions of Egypt and Tunisia ignited, and the attack increased by the two teams, but this half ends with Al-Ahly advancing with a clean goal.



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