Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia officially returns to the Roshen Professional League

Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia has officially returned to the Saudi Professional League, “Roshen”.

This came after defeating its host Hajar 2/1 in the match that took place between them on Wednesday in the 30th week of the Yellow League for first-division clubs, 4 rounds before the end of the competition.

Al-Ahly Jeddah raised its score to 65 points in the lead, to ensure a return to the Roshen League without looking at the results of the remaining matches, and Hajar remained on its previous score of 36 points.

4 teams qualify for the Roshan League, and with Al-Ahly reaching point 65, they reserve a seat among the four finalists, provided that they play the remaining matches for them in the competition to determine the ranking.

Al-Ahly takes the lead with 65, followed by Al-Okhdood with 62, then Riyadh with 56 points, then Al-Hazm with 55 points. Al-Faisaly is competing to enter among the four finalists, as it has 50 points.

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