Sport Al-Ahly renews negotiations with 3 players during the Corona...

Al-Ahly renews negotiations with 3 players during the Corona crisis

Al-Ahly club used the period of suspension of the current activity due to the Corona crisis, in arranging the next summer Mercato papers after the meetings of the Planning Committee with the technical staff of the team led by Swiss Rene Filer in order to determine the deals that the team needs in the next stage .. And the seventh day is intended to renew Al-Ahly 3-star negotiations Their inclusion during the next stage is aimed at the following report:


Mohammed Taher

The Al-Ahly club renewed its negotiations to include Taher Mohamed Taher during the past days after the player had previously moved away from the circle of candidates to support the Red Castle in previous periods before Swiss coach Renee Filer gave the team the green light to manage the club by completing the contract with the “wing” of the contractors after he watched him for more than one match During the past period, he found in him a strong player character and with high technical skills needed by the team.

At the request of Fyler, Al-Ahly renewed his negotiations with the contractors to complete the deal. The Red Castle officials know that it will not be easy in light of the financial demands of the contractors, which will be resolved within the coming days to start finding an alternative if negotiations fail to include Taher Mohamed Taher, whom Feiler sees as one of the best players. “Wings” in the Egyptian league outside the Red Fort.


Al-Ahly club officials are discussing a proposal to include defender Wadi Degla defender Ahmed Ramadan Beckham to support the team’s defense starting from next season, after negotiations between Bahir al-Muhammadi, defender of Ismaili, were stalled due to his club’s excessive financial demands..

And competes Beckham Another number of defenders to join Al-Ahly, most notably Osama Jalal Najm Enppi. Muhammad Abdel Moneim, the defender of the loaned team to Smouha, and Mahmoud El-Gazzar, the player of the loaned team to El-Gouna, entered the accounts in preparation for the return of one of them to the team if the failure to include a new defender, where One of the members of the planning committee suggested returning Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, the former team’s defender and the current Tigris, especially as he is a Joker player who is good at playing in more than one place, including the musk, the right defender and the defending midfielder. He also appeared well with the Tigris since his move to it, and he also participated with the Olympic team in a championship. African nations for young people under 23 One year, hosted by Egypt and won its title to go up directly to the Tokyo Olympics.

Al-Ahly has a priority in including Beckham, despite his final transfer to the Tigris as part of the Mohammed Mahmoud purchase deal, where he was discounted 5 Millions of pounds from the value of the deal, and it was considered the value of its purchase, as Al Ahly has the right to get it back5 Millions of pounds in addition to the value of his purchase, if he requests his return in the first season with an increase 5 Millions of pounds in every season Al-Ahly is late in its application, while no other club can enter into its purchase deal unless Al-Ahly refuses to sign the player.

Al-Ahly has the right to take back Beckham in the new season in return for 15th Millions of pounds to increase the number 5 Millions of pounds with each season, which is the item signed by Al-Ahly and Degla.

Hossam Hassan

Once the Al-Ahly club is looking to include the Smouha striker Hossam Hassan, but in light of looking at the seconded stadium first, Where Fyler discusses a file Players Loaned And who Expires Loan them out At the end season The current With the planning committee before settling the matter.



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