Al-Ansar and Al-Najma to the Asian participation

The Al-Ansar club delegation arrived in the Omani capital, Muscat, yesterday, to participate in the 2022 AFC Cup. The former champion of Lebanon and the first representative of Lebanon is playing in the first group, which includes Oman’s Al-Seeb, Kuwait’s Al-Kuwait and the Syrian Jableh.

The Al-Ansar delegation consisted of Nabil Sinno (head of the mission), Naji Hammoud (club manager), Jihad Mahjoub (team manager), Bilal Maghribi (administrative), Abdullah Abu Zamaa (technical manager), Amjad Al-Taher (assistant coach), Sultan Qassem (coach). The guards), Abbas Hassan (media officer), Hassan Barakat (fitness coach), Jalal Al-Natour (team doctor), Khalil Musa (massage), Muhammad Faris (physical therapist) and Nashat Al-Shamaa (equipment officer).
As for the players, they are: Nazih Asaad, Hadi Murtada, Hadi King, Moataz Billah Al-Junaidi, Anas Abu Saleh, Khaled Ali, Nassar Nassar, Hassan Shaito “Shabriko”, Hussein Al-Dur, Ishaka Diarra, Hassan Qaafrani, Jihad Ayoub, Majed Othman. Muhammad Abu Saleh, Ali Tanish “Al-Sisi”, Hamza Hussein, Khaled Mohsen, Youssef Al-Hajj, Yahya Al-Hindi, Nader Matar, Fayez Shamseen, Karim Darwish, Muhammad Habous, Ahmed Hegazy, Jimmy Siaj and Hassan Maatouk, who renewed his contract with Al-Ansar for two years on the eve of traveling to Oman .
Al-Ansar will play its first match against Al-Kuwait Al-Kuwaiti on Wednesday, followed by the Syrian Jableh on the 21st of this month, to conclude its confrontations against Al-Seeb of Oman on the 24th of this month.

The representative of the second Lebanon, Al-Najma Club, had traveled to the Bahraini capital, Manama, to participate in the same group that included him in the Bahraini Riffa, November and the Palestinian Crescent of Al-Quds. Al-Nijmeh will start his career on Wednesday with a meeting with the host Riffa.
The star lineup included: Ali Al-Sabaa, Ali Halal, Ali Hamam, Ali Al-Saadi, Mahdi Al-Zein, Qassem Al-Zein, Ali Al-Reda Ismail, Mahmoud Kaour, Ali Alaa Al-Din, Hassan Sheaito “Mouni”, Karim Abu Zaid, Hassan Al-Anan, Muhammad Ghamlush, Mahmoud Siblini, Hassan Kourani, Abdullah Aish, Maher Sabra, Khalil Badr, Edmond Shehadeh, Andrew Sawaya, Omar Al-Kurdi, Saeed Awada and Joseph Ansah.
Senegalese player Boukonta Sarr will join the delegation after his participation with Al-Hikma team, tomorrow, Tuesday, in front of Al-Safa, at the conclusion of the Lebanese League.

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