Al-Azhar settles its opinion on the controversy of the “House of the Abrahamic Family” project

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Islamic Research Academy of Al-Azhar in Egypt, on Saturday, expressed its opinion about what is being raised about the “Abrahamic Family House” project, which is an edifice that combines the three main monotheistic religions, that is, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

In a statement published on the official website of Al-Azhar, the Synod affirmed that “the initiatives of human brotherhood, and the building of independent places of worship for non-Muslims to perform their rituals while preserving the identity, privacy and independence of each religion, are not considered a merger of religions, nor is it like those false and suspicious calls that targeted the fusion and mixing of religions.” In one religion, it is legally permissible in view of the humanitarian purposes that the Islamic religion calls for, and even all heavenly laws call for it.

And the complex continued: “The family home project, which represents one of the initiatives of human fraternity, which is a mosque adjacent to a church and a synagogue, separating the places of worship of each religion separately in terms of building and meaning, just as the neighborhood of places of worship in our Arab and Islamic societies is ancient and is present in major Islamic cities and capitals and is not It’s ingenious…”

He added, “Al-Azhar has established with the Egyptian churches the so-called ‘House of the Egyptian Family’ with its joint committees in all the governorates of Egypt, which is headed by the Sheikh of Al-Azhar and the Pope of the Orthodox Church together, and it has branches in all the governorates of Egypt and representatives half of whom are priests and half of them are sheikhs.”

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