“Al-Bahdala” airport in Beirut… Who is responsible?

It was stated on MTV:

What happens at Rafic Hariri International Airport must be held responsible. The first official, without a doubt, is the director general of the airport, Fadi al-Hassan.

Certainly, Beirut airport has become one of the worst capitals in the world. Chaos, congestion, frequent problems and delays in taking off planes. The chaos inside withdraws from the outside, accompanied by a lack of hygiene and the screaming of porters, as if you were in a popular market.

It is no longer sufficient for the Ministers of Public Works, Transport, Interior and Tourism to make periodic inspection visits to the airport, take memorial photos and then leave, without anything changing.

The Director General of the airport, Fadi Al-Hassan, is also required to appear in the media to explain the reasons for what the airport has been witnessing for some time.

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