Al-Harr: The Memorandum of Understanding between the UAE, Jordan and Israel is a historic step

Dubai (Etihad)

Karen Al-Harr, Israeli Minister of Energy, said that regional cooperation in joint files is very important, especially with regard to cooperation in vital issues such as energy and water, referring in this context to the memorandum of understanding recently signed between the United Arab Emirates, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Israel.
Al-Harr considered the memorandum of understanding signed between the three countries a “historic step in the regional battle against the effects of the climate crisis,” adding that it is the most important agreement signed with Jordan since the signing of the peace agreements in 1994, in a way that supports reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change challenges while ensuring solutions in the electricity sectors. water, and other resources needed by the countries of the region. Al-Harr’s statements came during a session held yesterday on the sidelines of the activities of the second day of the Industry and Industrialization Summit in its fourth session. The participants in the session discussed the axes of innovation, sustainability and twinning between innovation and technology, in the context of the current transformations that lead to promising future prospects.
A number of speakers also spoke at the session, which was moderated by Danny Sprite, President of the US-UAE Business Council, where Musabah Al-Kaabi, CEO of the investment sector in the UAE at Mubadala Investment Company, said that there are major changes in the global interest in energy production files, and the effects of energy production. Oil and gas, the file of reducing carbon emissions, climate protection and so on, which forces the sectors to pay attention to these files, as there is a collective responsibility and obligations that push towards energy generation in a different way. He also pointed to the global initiatives adopted by the UAE to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, which confirms the UAE’s vision for the future.
Professor Alice Just, President of Imperial College London, said universities play an important role in promoting innovation, which is a natural consequence of education and the pursuit of modernization. Just stressed the importance of innovation in creating new products that respond to changes in different sectors.
For his part, Dr. Stephen Kiefer, Senior Vice President and President of General Motors International, drew attention to the frantic race in the international scene to access clean energy resources, pointing out the importance of this in supporting innovation at all levels, which allows the emergence of innovative solutions to protect the environment and face changes. Climate, changing the foundations of industry and technology. Kiefer also touched on the experience of General Motors in this regard, stressing that the company is interested in reducing carbon emissions, in addition to spending billions annually to develop its products and produce electric cars, expecting Dubai to be a main entry point to the Middle East for thirteen new models of cars in the coming period. Sideep Raj, Senior General Manager of Strategy and Consulting, and Global Leader for Innovation at Accenture, said that sharing knowledge, information and science will enhance the innovation process, and will support the major transformations we are seeing, and the changes expected in the coming decades, in terms of technological developments and industry. computing, and other rapid changes driving the world.

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