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The golf club organized a junior tennis tournament under the supervision of the Lebanese Federation for the Game on its courts, and the final matches were held in the presence of the Federation’s Vice President Hassan Daouk, Secretary-General Raymond Kattoura, Chair of the Technical Committee Nahia Abu Khalil, Federation Member Lynn Bashour, and Federation Director Tanios Kanaan. Final matches:


-16 years and under: Elie Joe Abu Hashem defeated Jad Samad (4-0) (4-0).

-14 years and under: Zahi Farhat beat Philip Khoury (4-0) (4-1)

* Female

-16 years and under: Marian Barbarian beat Serena Khoury (4-1) (4-0)

-14 years and under: Carmen Azar beat Marianne Barbarian (5-4) (4-2).

In conclusion, a ceremony was held to distribute cups and prizes to the winners and winners in light of the measures to prevent the “Corona” epidemic.

It is noteworthy that the session comes in the context of a number of friendly tournaments for the promising generation (males and females), which are held under the supervision of the federation, provided that the official season will start for all age groups, including men and women, through the federal tournaments in the middle of next May.

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