Al-Manar Sports website » Galatasaray was prevented from entering Greece for a friendly match مباراة

Athens airport officials on Monday prevented the Turkish football team Galatasaray from entering the country, where it was scheduled to play a friendly match against Olympiacos, the Greek champion, due to the invalidity of the “Covid-19” tests.

Istanbul city tycoon provided BCR tests for less than 72 hours, but the Greek authorities confirmed that the entry protocol from Turkey requires tests of less than 24 hours.

The airport authorities said that Galatasaray Club refused to undergo further Covid tests, and after a two-hour wait at the airport, returned to Istanbul.

“Health rules apply to everyone,” said a senior source at the General Secretariat of Civil Protection in Greece.

Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias later said that the Galatasaray team “refused to undergo a rapid test in accordance with the terms of the current Greek law.”

In a message posted on their website, Galatasaray complained of “open discrimination” against him and accused the airport authorities of treating the club “in a very inappropriate and arrogant manner”.

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