Al Nuaimi: Abu Dhabi’s hosting of the Club World Cup enhances the UAE’s position as the capital of world sports | sports

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, President of the UAE Football Association, stressed that the bright international reputation of the UAE in all fields, including sports, was a vital factor in granting the UAE the right to host the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup, noting that the international sports family considers the UAE the capital For global sports, especially after the great successes it achieved in all the tournaments it hosted, including the Club World Cup (2009, 2010, 2017, 2018).

Al-Nuaimi thanked the wise leadership for its continuous support for sports and for creating all the appropriate conditions for hosting continental and international sporting events.

Al Nuaimi stressed, “The UAE, with the grace of God and thanks to its wise leadership, has won the confidence of international institutions and bodies, due to its good reputation in all aspects. .

He pointed out that the UAE has a solid infrastructure and has advanced sports facilities, which have very advanced medical services, as well as technical progress, modern transportation, luxury hotels and a charming environment, and all these elements contribute to the success of the international competition, in addition to the presence of an audience of different nationalities who are passionate about the game. football.

He added, “The experiences gained by the sons and daughters of the UAE have become extensive in the field of organizing international events, and the volunteers in our country love to work in major sporting events, and they are the vital artery for creativity, as they recorded a remarkable presence in previous tournaments hosted by the state,” noting that this hosting will be granted Al-Jazira team, the champion of the professional league competition for the season 2020-2021, has the opportunity to participate in this tournament, which includes great clubs, and this is an important matter that helps develop our teams and players.

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Al Nuaimi praised the continuous cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and its great role in preparing the best ways for this hosting.

He added that organizing the Club World Cup in the capital, Abu Dhabi, will give an opportunity for the residents of the UAE and football lovers in the world to enjoy this football event, stressing the ability of the sons and daughters of the UAE to make this sporting event a success, and add organizational achievements to our sports record.

The President of the UAE Football Association concluded a statement by welcoming the participating teams and their fans, wishing clubs from all continents to achieve their goals in this important football tournament, stressing that the players, members of the missions, the media and the public will be happy at the Zayed Al Khair House, and will enjoy its charming atmosphere and environment.

Source: “The Brigade” website


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