Al Zaytun Allegedly Deviant? This is the Confession of Research Members Formed by the MUI in 2002

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) or Ma’had Al Zaytun (MAZ), Indramayu, West Java, has shocked the public again because of the virality of the Eid prayer at the pesantren with a different implementation model, one of which is praying with shaf. mixed men and women.

How the actual lunge Al Zaytun in the study of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI)? In 2002, a research team from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) conducted research related to Al Zaytun.

Member of the MUI Fatwa Commission, Aminuddin Jacob, said that MUI had once formed a team to investigate the existence of the NII KW IX movement which was linked to MAZ. From this research studied three things.

“We studied three aspects, namely, the profile of NII KW IX and the teachings in it, the profile of MAZ and the curriculum activities taught, and explored the possibility of a relationship between NII KW IX and MAZ,” said Aminuddin, who was also the secretary of the MUI research team in the study. , in his statement, Sunday (30/4/2023).

From the information compiled by MUIDigital, Friday (28/4/2023), the research above resulted in the following conclusions:

First, NII KW IX is a splinter movement from the NII movement led by Panji Gumilang alias Abdul Salam alias Prawoto.

There are deviations from the teachings of Islamic law in NII KW IX, including congregational sins that can be redeemed with money, the obligation to prioritize NII teachings over prayer, and teachings related to hijrah.

Second, the study conducted on MAZ resulted in no deviations from being taught in the curriculum.

Nevertheless, the research team received reports that there was a hidden curriculum. In addition, other information obtained is that there is a difference between the santri inside and the santri outside.

In this sense, there are students who are recruited from NII KW IX or the leaders directly. There are also students who are recruited publicly and openly.

“Regarding this, we have not received empirical evidence, because it is hidden and confidential. We also haven’t found any evidence of irregularities in the curriculum taught at MAZ,” said Aminuddin.

Third, there is a significant relationship between the NII KW IX movement and MAZ outside of pesantren activities. The relationship is at least in the following three aspects:

1. Aspects of leadership. There is an indication of a link between the two because MAZ leaders, teachers and employees are involved in the NII KW IX movement. They have served as leaders and members in NII KW IX

2. Fund flow relationship. The results of the study revealed that there was a significant flow of funds from the NII KW IX movement to MAZ which was collected from hijrah funds, allegiance, penance, and other funding sources.

3. Historically, the relationship between NII KW IX and the birth of MAZ cannot be separated and is a part of it

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“Thus the conclusion of the research we have carried out for several months which was carried out intensely both inside and outside the MAZ,” he explained.

Regarding the implementation of the Eid al-Fitr prayer at MAZ which went viral some time ago, Aminuddin said that what was practiced by MAZ had deviated from Islamic law, especially the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad regarding the procedures for congregational prayers.

“In my opinion, the MUI needs to provide guidance and explanation to the public regarding the mistakes in the procedures for congregational prayers being held at MAZ recently. It is hoped that this coaching will prevent MAZ from repeating similar things again, “he said

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