Alabama police officer shoots black bandleader with taser after refusing to tell his band to stop playing

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A recently released video shows how police Birmingham (Alabama, USA) used a stun gun to arrest an African-American bandleader who had refused to order his high school marching band to stop playing during a football game.

The Police are currently investigating the incident. According to what the African-American congresswoman from the Alabama state legislature said this Tuesday Juandalynn Givanwho acts as the orchestra director’s lawyer, this episode constitutes an “alarming abuse of power” and should not have ended in violence.

The video, which was made public on Monday night, shows the arrest of the conductor Johnny Mims during a local high school football game that took place last Thursday.

In the images, you can see how the agents approach Mims while the band continues playing in the stands. They repeatedly ask him to stop the music and for the students to leave the stadium, but Mims persists in directing the band and responds to one of the police officers with, “Get out of my sight.”

Mims then tells the agents that the band is preparing to leave and that the song they are performing is “the last”.

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