Alan Estrada, Mexican actor who traveled in the submarine that explores the remains of the Titanic: "He has everything to survive five days inside"

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The world is still pending the fate of the five people aboard the submersible that was exploring the remains of the Titanic. While the search work continues and the oxygen is running out, the voices of experts and explorers who had already carried out a similar adventure arise.

The Mexican actor Alan Estrada traveled last year in the Titan submarine, as he explained on the social network Twitter: “I hope they find them soon, the submarine has everything to survive five days inside.”

The act also explains that the risks of doing this type of expedition are known with advance notice: “I know that in security matters they are very careful. However, it is an experimental submersible and the risks exist. We all knew it.”

“Apparently he is lost on the surface, which indicates hope because if they are found there are many possibilities of rescue. You cannot get out from the inside, they must open you up and that operation is complex,” he comments through the social network.

The actor made this trip on July 3, 2022, reports the Mexican newspaper ‘Milenio’. That is, he did it on the previous expedition. Through his YouTube channel (Alanxelmundo) he gave more details, confessing months after making his trip that he would not risk his life like this again: “It’s something I already did, I liked it, I took my risks, I was very nervous, stressed and no, there is no need to go back. I said goodbye, I thanked God for the experience, for being one of the 200 people who have been able to go down.”

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