Alarm on Elon Musk’s spacecraft. The toilet crisis has put everyone on their feet – o2

There was an unexpected problem during the flight of Elon Musk’s spacecraft. The crisis was in the toilet. The website informed about the cosmic toilet problem.

The cosmic toilet only seemingly resembles the earthly one. Due to cosmic gravity, everything on Earth falls into the depths of the shells in space requires the help of fans. Without their participation, it will simply spread throughout the room. SpaceX has just happened to such a cosmic mess.

A broken toilet set off an alarm on a spacecraft in orbit. Therefore, the crew in contact with the ground crew responded to this alarm. Fortunately, it turned out that space travelers are not in any danger. Well, maybe except for the unpleasant views in the toilet.

Scott “Kidd” Poteet later reported that there were problems with the waste management system, but he did not go into details, which immediately sparked a wave of speculation about the scale of the toilet waste problem. The crash certainly did not endanger the life of the crew, but it is not something they would like to talk about.

The problem with droppings in spacecraft is as old as the first extraterrestrial flight programs. CNN recalls the story of the Apollo 10 mission in 1969, in which an astronaut informed Earth controllers that they had debris in the room. We can all guess what kind of dirt the astronauts meant.


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