Albares confirms that there are two Spaniards who "have suffered the attack on Israel"but does not report its status

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, explained this Monday that there are “two Spaniards who have suffered from this attack since Gaza a Israel“.

“We are in contact with their families, trying to clarify and be able to help as much as possible,” the minister said in statements to RAC1. He did not want to specify whether the two affected Spaniards were injured: “It is information that we are discussing with the families. “he insisted. On TVE’s La Hora de La1 they have also asked about these two Spaniards, however, Albares has insisted on maintain discretion about the whereabouts of these two people. EL MUNDO obtained the same response when consulting the minister’s cabinet.

Regarding the repatriation of Spaniards who are in Israel, Albares has indicated that since Sunday “Iberia has begun to resume its flights”, after cancellations occurred “in the hours following” the attack, so he hopes that “throughout today” the situation of these citizens who were trying to return to Spain will be normalized. In addition, he has reported that there are Embassy personnel at the airports to help coordinate the departures of Spaniards, although the number of how many national citizens there are in the Israeli consular registry is not provided.

Albares, who in recent hours has been in contact with his counterparts in the region, has recognized his “concern” about the situation on the border between Israel and the Lebanon and the possibility of the conflict spreading to this area.

For the minister, the priority now is the “immediate cessation of violence, that the people held against their will be released and to avoid the regional extension of this conflict.”

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