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Alberto Fernández analyzes with experts the extension of the quarantine until June 8

After the meeting with the Committee of Experts, the President will maintain a videoconference contact with governors to analyze the steps to follow in managing the quarantine.

When you first landed inside since the quarantine, President Alberto Fernández He called for “patience”, taking the extension for granted until June 8, mandatory isolation to be announced this Saturday at the Quinta de Olivos.

The new quarantine extension will take effect from this Monday and will be different throughout the country. While a hardening is expected in the AMBA (City of Buenos Aires and the suburbs), there are provinces and municipalities that will make activities more flexible.

The head of state visited Santiago del Estero and Tucumán yesterday, and maintained that “it cannot be a sacrifice, because health care cannot be a sacrifice.”

“Let’s arm ourselves with patience, quarantine cannot be a sacrifice, because it cannot be a sacrifice to take care of our health,” said the president when asked about the continuity of isolation.

As expected, the new extension of the quarantine will be announced this Saturday afternoon from the official residence, while this Friday the president will meet with experts and speak by videoconference with governors.

Alberto Fernández reiterated that “it is up to each governor which activity is open and which is not”, while remarking that he is “happy” because the provincial leaders “have acted responsibly” during the pandemic, although “not everyone is the same fate” than in the interior, where there are fewer cases of coronavirus.

“I am happy because the governors have acted responsibly. Not everyone has the same luck, because where more people live, in the City and the Province, the problem is more acute, but the important thing is that we are all working together,” he stressed.

The President spoke like this during a press conference that he gave in Tucumán together with Governor Juan Manzur, after having inaugurated works in the province.


Alberto Fernández, yesterday in Santiago del Estero, together with Governor Gerardo Zamora.

Image: Presidency of the Nation

Hours before, during his visit to Santiago del Estero, the President also spoke about the continuity of the quarantine in the AMBA: “We are not going to do anything that we should not do. In my beloved city of Buenos Aires, no matter how much to Buenos Aires they don’t like it, I’m talking about everyone’s health, “he said.

In Tucumán, the head of state was received during the afternoon at the local airport by Manzur, along with whom he later visited a construction site for a sewage treatment plant.

The president was in both provinces accompanied by a delegation made up of the interior ministers, Eduardo de Pedro; and of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis; and the Secretaries General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello; and of Public Works, Martín Gill.

In Santiago del Estero he visited the department of Robles, where he performed the ribbon cutting of Mega Alfalfa Argentina (MAA), an agro-industrial company that produces forage for livestock, for internal and external consumption.

“I am happy that together with Santiago, in a pandemic, we are thinking of putting works back. What I do is renew my commitment for all Argentines, we are not going to make commitments that postpone the interests of Argentines in quarantine,” he said in the conference he gave with Governor Gerardo Zamora.

And he added: “This world is completely different from the month of March. We are going to look for the medicine that cures the virus, not the vaccine they give us. The benefits of capitalism are not discussed, but its degeneration. The best capitalism is the one that thinks in which all have access to his goodness “.

Alberto Fernández and Zamora, in addition, were in the city of Santiago del Estero to tour the expansion works of collectors, sewage networks and extra-home connections, which will benefit 37,600 direct inhabitants and 180,000 indirect inhabitants, with 100 percent coverage of sewer drains, the Presidency reported in a statement.

They also spearheaded the enhancement of the Centennial School, which required an investment of 226 million pesos, and whose classrooms, patio and microstat were completely renovated and expanded.



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