Alberto Fernández delayed projects designed to build the identity of his government for the emergency

The to-do list: judicial reform, tax reform, the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, the creation of the Economic and Social Council and the hydrocarbons law, among others. Source: AFP Credit: Alejamdro Pagni

In the middle of the management of the emergency by the coronavirus and with an economy in a deep recession,

the list of pending builds up in the drawer

Alberto Fernandez.

There rest some of the projects of law with which the President had planned

shape the identity of its management:


judicial reform,

tax reform, the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, the creation of the Economic and Social Council and the hydrocarbons law, among others.

Despite repeated announcements and attempts,

none of these initiatives came even to the Congress.

Nor were sent to the Parliaments of other projects that, without being of his authorship, embrace it as their own, as

the wealth tax or the expropriation of the region’s cereal


From the Casa Rosada warned that all the efforts of the national administration are positions in the combat of the Covid-19 and the measures to mitigate the impact of disparate economic in employment and poverty, as the programme of Assistance to the Work and the Production (ATP) and the Family Income of Emergency (IFE).

“We are like an alcoholic in a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, one day at a time.”

admitted a man with an office on the first floor of the House of Government.

The pandemic put us in an emergency that forced us to alter the priorities

Alberto Fernandez

But, in addition, share the responsibility with the Legislature. “Many of the projects are to treat in the grounds of face-to-face, you can’t discuss a topic like abortion in a virtual way”, reported official sources. At this point, assists a fact of the reality: today, the remote sessions only progress on issues agreed upon. The system is not ready to tackle discussions of this magnitude.

Perhaps the biggest problem to be addressed by the Executive Power lies in the public stance he does in every interview the head of State. “The pandemic put us in an emergency that forced us to alter the priorities, but they are still the same. In the next few days I hope to be able to send the reform to work in a better way the Federal Justice in Argentina,” Fernandez said a few days ago at one of the many interviews he gave.

This past week the President held a meeting with

the minister of Justice,

Marcela Losardo,

in the fifth presidential Olives, but according to trusted official sources, the bill has no date of presentation to Parliament.

With each presentation media the President generated a tsunami in your nearest computer, attempting to transform their words into concrete facts. A large part of that job falls on one of the people closest to Fernandez,

the secretary of Legal and Technical, Vilma Ibarra, but it is not the only one who suffers the consequences.

One of the most important is

the draft law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, campaign promise that was ratified in the speech he gave before the Legislative Assembly on 1 march.

“Within the next 10 days I will present a draft law on voluntary interruption of pregnancy that legalizes abortion in the initial time of the pregnancy and allow women to access the health system when they made the decision to abort”, released that day by the President.

The project was delayed –

along with the law of the plan of 1000 days,

to ensure the care and comprehensive care for the life and health of the pregnant woman and her children – and she fell in the limbo that represents the pandemic. The own Alberto Fernández discussed the issue a few days ago. “I have not abdicated to send the law of abortion in any way, simply put off the shipping for the urgency that we still have, but it is a pending issue that I have not left side”, was justified by the contractor.

But the list is quite more extensive. There also sleeps the sleep of the righteous, the initiative for the development of the sector, hydrocarbon and mining. The goal of the President was that the initiative will help to promote and stimulate national and international investment in the sector.

As a palliative measure for a sector hit by the crisis, the national government issued the decree N°488, may 19, with the set of “a transitional basis until the end of the year,” the market price in the local market of a barrel of oil at $ 45 a barrel. This was a measure taken by the recommendation of the

former president of YPF,

Miguel Galuccio,

close advisor to the vice president

Cristina Kirchner

and president of the oil View Oil & Gas.

In a similar way was the idea of the Economic and Social Council, an instrument that he conceived the President to develop measures of medium-and long-term. “From this Council we have to be able, together, to design the agenda for the future, oblivious to the bid distribution and to the juncture of the short-term,” emphasized Fernandez almost four months ago.

Source: AFP

Pushed by the emergency, in the midst of the pressure to the brake of the activity, which resulted in the closure of businesses and shops,

the Government decided to incorporate to employers and trade unionists to the economic cabinet to seek consensus solutions.


ahead of THE NATION,

the crisis committee, led by the chief of Cabinet,

James Cafiero,

be added in the next few days week to the leaders of the CGT, the Union Industrial Argentina (UIA), the Chamber of Commerce and the Argentine Chamber of Construction (Camarco).

The list of standards that you want to punish the Executive branch has a chapter led by the kirchnerismo palate black. There are, among others, the tax reform or the tax on large fortunes.

The national representative Fernanda Vallejos said in recent hours that “the project of the wealth tax is to be filed within a parcel tax in the coming weeks.”

“The expectation is to jointly address the special tax on large fortunes along with a package of tax reforms and tax, in particular tax facilities for Smes”, explained the lawmaker, which was already disallowed by the President for proposing that the State should keep part of the package of shares of companies that receive assistance from the State.

While the President and his team take their time almost exclusively in battle against the coronavirus and its consequences, the list of projects that the President devised to build the image of your administration increases no in the calendar certainties about when to give the green light for his treatment.



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