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Alberto: “If we did not stop contagions we would end up like Italy or Spain” | Chronicle

President Alberto Fernández assured this Thursday that “no one is exempt from this virus“, what “changed his vision“of the world and added that from the Government they seek power “overcome the bad moment among all, attend to all, do not leave anyone out of this logic“, in an interview with Public TV.

The president announced that the DNU that brings relief to tenants and mortgage debtors “It is coming out between today and tomorrow” to avoid evictions and problems for people who cannot pay the rent or the installments of a mortgage.

“The idea is to bring tranquility and alleviate the situation of those who have the least and must face the possibility of eviction“assured the President and insisted that the government is going to “attend to everyone, will not leave anyone out“of coverage in the coronavirus emergency.

“We want us to be able to overcome the bad moment among all, to attend to all, not to leave anyone out of this logic. There are many who today have a work problem and we want everyone to hurt as little as possible the moment we are living”, stressed.

Fernández stressed that in the face of the pandemic, he brought
“tranquility” the IMF and World Bank’s proposition that
“Private creditors stop charging interest to countries with debts.”

“We have to learn something from all this experience because today it is not possible to pay and I am pleased that the IMF has understood this. We need to understand that we must have more present states. There is going to be another world, ”said the head of state in dialogue with Public TV.

Fernandez also advocated for a
“scenario of greater equality in society so that everyone has the possibility of progress” and said that the coronavirus “shows the weakness of the system.”

“It is a virus that lowers the price of companies, goes against consumers and impoverishes those who have greed for excessive profits. We must move from financial capitalism to one of production that ensures work and opportunities for all, “he said.

The president also celebrated that the World Health Organization (WHO) has selected Argentina as one of the ten countries in the world that will carry out clinical trials for the possible cure of the coronavirus.

“We are on a chosen path which is to listen to scientists and doctors to establish the necessary measures from the beginning of this health emergency“He pointed out.

It also evaluated that in
“the world will change in many things” and wondered if it doesn’t benefit
“telecommuting“and that people stay at home working,
“that the means of public transport are less crowded, that the environment is less polluted”, as well as tele-education.

The head of state stated that
“the deterioration of health in recent years is evident and the system must be rebuilt”, to which he asserted that the government is
“moving at high speed” to achieve that goal, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

And in that sense, he pondered the works to put into operation the René Favaloro hospital, which is located in La Matanza, and which
“It was completed in 2015 and was not inaugurated.”

Fernández said that he discussed with the head of the PAMI,
Luana Volnovich,
“the state“Of that social work”
your hospital system ” and measures for retirees and pensioners such as ”
influenza vaccination“which traditionally started at this time.

The President assured that
“If there is something that does not urge me, it is the beginning of classes”, and added that ”
we’ll see how we compensate those days ” and added that
“It doesn’t make much sense to put a young child or adolescent in a bus to end up infected at that age”, while reiterating that the restart of classes ”
it can wait”.



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