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The Migros cooperative councils have decided: The more than 2.2 million Migros cooperative members should be able to vote on whether alcohol should be on the shelves of Migros. All ten regional cooperatives are in favor.

In some circles, alcohol sales at Migros are met with incomprehension. The individual members of the cooperative have the final say.

Marketing expert Stefan Michel from IMD Business School in Lausanne is not surprised by the result. Selling alcohol is financially very lucrative. “The lifting of the ban is a good opportunity for Migros to regain market share.”

Financially, it’s a very lucrative initiative.

From a purely economic perspective, selling alcohol makes sense. The competition has been doing this for a long time. But could the move damage Migros’ image?

If Migros were to lift the alcohol ban, this could pose a great risk of damage to its image.

Adrienne Suvada sees the alcohol ban as part of the Migros brand. If the company lifts the alcohol ban, it threatens to damage its image. The ban is part of the Migros DNA. Planted by the founder Gottlieb Duttweiler.

Even if the original idea of ​​an alcohol-free Migros made sense in the past or still would: In fact, the ban has long been breached, says Stefan Michel. Because Migros has long been selling alcohol: in the Denner discounter, in the Migrolino shops and also in online shops. If you want to stick to the alcohol ban, you have to be consistent, says Michel. “One would have to sell the Denner, and the alcohol should not be sold through other channels either.”

As plausible as the economic arguments seem, the opponents of alcohol sales are so certain that from an ethical point of view there are no two opinions. Migros is the last remaining place where addicts are not tempted to buy alcoholic beverages on an impulse.

We know from experience reports that people who are tempted cannot resist and will relapse.

Philipp Hadorn, President of the Blue Cross, says the danger is the opportunity to buy. There is hardly any empirical data on addictive behavior among those at risk of addiction who move around in shops for Switzerland. But: “We know from experience reports that people who are tempted cannot resist and will relapse. These are painful stories that are known by the hundreds. “

The democratic way to sell alcohol at Migros

Open the box
Close the box

  • At the beginning of November, the delegates of the regional Migros cooperatives paved the way for alcohol sales with an amendment to the statutes.
  • By December 3, 2021, all cooperatives had clearly agreed that the 2.3 million cooperative members should decide on alcohol sales in a ballot in the next year.
  • The results of the strike votes in 2022 only apply to the economic area of ​​the respective cooperative. For example, alcohol may be sold in Migros Zurich branches and not in Migros Aare branches.
  • Alcohol will be on the shelves in 2023 at the earliest.

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