Alderweireld gives the reason why Antwerp will play champion next weekend

An accident of the course. For example, the defeat at Club Brugge was settled by the Antwerp players. No panic, no hasty statements… Toby Alderweireld has been through it all and preached peace. “There has never been euphoria within the group.”

Alderweireld does not worry about the loss in Jan Breydel. “We didn’t deliver enough quality. Period! That’s the explanation. It was our weakest match. Of course you’re disappointed, but losing is part of football. We didn’t think we were going to win every match in the play-offs.” , said the captain.

A model of calmness and confidence. Alderweireld know that if stress or unrest were sown now, it would be detrimental to the group. “That draw in Genk-Union was the best for us, but we only look at ourselves. We lose in Bruges, that can happen.”

We can handle a lot on a full Tawny Owl

“Some days it’s a bit disappointing, but we have a mentally strong group, we’ve already proven that. Even when we won everything, there was no euphoria in the group, so we certainly shouldn’t talk ourselves into the depths. This was just a game in which we didn’t make the right choices. And yes, now everyone wants to show themselves against us. We have to deal with that.”

But next week that decisive match against Union in Antwerp. Toby knows that you will have to come from a good family to survive in that cauldron as an opponent. “We stay calm. We can handle a lot on a full Tawny Owl”, he grinned. Union has been warned.

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2023-05-22 12:40:00

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