Aldi: disgusting discovery – the man opens Schmandbecher and does not trust his eyes


An Aldi customer opens a Schmandbecher and does not trust his eyes. What he sees is not for the faint of heart. And a real disgusting discovery at breakfast.

Cologne – There he shakes one while reading! It could happen to anyone. Who has not eaten a cup of yogurt or sour cream for which the expiry date has expired? This is usually not a problem at all. In reality. Because Mario R. of Cologne felt a bad surprise at the breakfast table when he opened a cup with sour cream.

This cup of normal appearance initially with sour cream was in the Cologne refrigerator. According to him, it was only one day after the expiration date. He had previously bought it from Aldi Süd.

Aldi: The man opens Schmandbecher at the breakfast table and finds it disgusting

But when his wife pulled the Schmandbecher's cover over the richly covered breakfast table, the two immediately lost their appetite. Nobody wants to eat it: disgust alarm at the breakfast table. Like the newspaper "L & # 39; West" reportedly, under the lid there was no creamy white sour cream, but a culture of hairy sausage-shaped mold. On a Facebook post, he thanked Aldi Süd for the "space breakfast" with much irony.

The cup then put the first time with a high safety distance from the breakfast table outside.

"I thought directly of Alien, the scene with the egg," he explains. In the dreaded Science Fiction series the aliens hatch from the eggs …

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Content of the non-edible Aldi Schmandbechers

The shelf life (MHD) on food products indicates the time within which the food, if properly stored, retains its properties such as smell or taste. When properly stored, food can often be enjoyed after the expiration date. This was clearly not the case with Kölner's Schmand cup. Therefore, you should definitely try eating before the product is still good. In case of atypical appearance, smell or taste: throw away.

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