Aldi Süd: the customer makes dangerous finds in the package of minced meat

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An Aldi customer performed a dangerous search and reported it immediately. But only after a complaint on Facebook did the discounter respond.

Neuss – It could have been bad: in a packet of ground beef from the discount Aldi, a customer found two small pieces of broken glass mixed together. Dennis G. then fished the pieces of glass from the meat and took a test photo.

The customer appeals to Aldi employees at the time of finding – their reaction is hard to believe

When he informed the employees of Aldi's subsidiary in Neuss, North Rhine-Westphalia, of the incident, their reaction according to Dennis G., however, left much to be desired: he had no impression that his complaint would have been taken seriously and transmitted, the client wrote later on Facebook.

Therefore, he has now chosen another way to draw attention to the glass accident: on the discounters' Facebook page, he published a test photo, on which the pieces of glass are visible.

The customer Aldi receives an answer: "It's really bad!"

And this time his complaint had an effect: a member of the Aldi press team immediately responded to the post: "Good morning, Dennis, it's really bad! Our shop colleagues take the matter very seriously, I'm sure! still the pack of minced meat? Please send us the data (better first, lot number, name of the article) and your contribution to We then pass this to our supplier, who controls the entire production chain and can therefore trace the glass, "says employee Aldi. Dennis G. will also receive timely feedback with a statement.

We hope there are no more pieces of glass hidden in other packets of minced meat.

But not only the pieces of glass have so far found a way for Aldi products. A fan of frozen spinach was surprised by Aldi with an unexpected meat supplement. Another customer was missing something in the purchased product.

By the way: since Wednesday, a famous brand ice cream is available at Aldi Süd. However, the offer is probably only for a short time.

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