Aldi: the client makes observations for the checkout – serious accusations


A customer observes a strange scene while shopping at Aldi. At least that's what he describes at the discount store, which also responds.

Munich – Is Aldi Süd's staff extremely questionable? The suspect of at least one customer who reports via Facebook from a purchase in a branch in the Swabian Buchloe. There, four test takers would pay in a very short time at the same cashier.

The customer who trades on Facebook under the name "Sa Gipsy" suspects a company procedure according to the motto "those who try long enough already find an error". Also, he wants to hear how the district chief was "smiling" and rubbing his hands with mistakes.

The client described the procedure in the contribution sent directly to Aldi South's Facebook account and was "horrified".

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Aldi Süd finds incidents like this "unlikely"

The company's response was not long in coming. Aldi Süd defined the scenario described with four test buyers in succession at a "rather unlikely" box office. Furthermore, the team did not believe "that the division director would have expected a negative result". For the South Aldi written procedure, test buyers would have announced themselves to the store manager and the result would be discussed with the controlled colleagues.

As a result, "Sa Gipsy" spoke again, describing the situation more closely. So, only one cashier had been active, two test buyers would be right in front of him, two standing behind it shortly. The customer ironically replied to the division manager: "Perhaps the district leader simply got stuck in his hands". E: "The smile may have been frozen so that it could not be solved." The information that the store manager should be informed, "Sa Gipsy" does not apply – after all, hardly petzen.

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Other Aldi customers also share their opinion

Other users have put aside the customer, fearing a bad scam Aldi. Doro Holder wrote: "They do it if they want to get rid of someone". After all, the reasons for the dismissal must be indicated. That was "terrible".

Hans Olberg, who wrote: "If there have been so many trial purchases, I want to give some" customer "." Evamaria Shipley commented on one particularly particular circumstance: "The other funds will be closed shortly, then you have the "excuse" that only a box office was open. "

It is not yet known how this stress test for the Aldi cashier at Buchloe is finished. "Sa Gipsy" will be looking for the next purchases but certainly for the woman.

Even with the manufacturer of a well-known product Aldi has now had problems: he did not want to see his product in discount stores.

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