Alejandra Argudo: How to vote for her in NBL 2021?


Find out how to vote for Alejandra Argudo in danger of elimination in the initial phase of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Alejandra Argudo is one of the three young women who is in danger of elimination in the initial phase of the twelfth season of Our Latin Beauty.

Argudo is among the three participants who were tied after each having obtained two votes in favor and two against by the judges.

The young woman of Ecuadorian origin auditioned in Nuestra Belleza Latina as a sports narrator with the purpose of inspiring more young people to venture into the sports area in the media.

Based in Connecticut, Alejandra Argudo represented Ecuador in the Miss Universe 2015 and in her childhood she was an outstanding soccer player on school teams.

Learn the steps to follow to vote for Argudo in Nuestra Belleza Latina 2021:

If you want to vote online for Alejandra Argudo, follow the following: Enter the Nuestra Belleza Latina official website, select your photo in the voting area, press “VOTE NOW!” and voila… Your vote will be cast in favor of the young Ecuadorian.

In case you want to vote by phone for Alejandra Argudo, this is what you should do: Call toll free at 1-866-976-2501 and you will be casting a vote in favor of the participant in danger of elimination.

It is important to mention that voting closes in less than 24 hours, so you must run to vote for Argudo so that he can continue in the important Univision competition.

Rules for voting in Nuestra Belleza Latina 2021:

  • Voting counts, as long as you are calling from a phone number with an area code within the 50 states of the country.
  • As for online voting, anyone can cast a vote within the 50 states of the country. Residents of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico can only cast their votes through the official Univision website.
  • Although it is true that voting closes within 24 hours from the end of the transmission of each Nuestra Belleza Latina gala, the names of the saved candidates will be revealed during the transmission next Sunday.
  • You can only vote ten times out of online way or through a phone line.
  • The audience can vote ten times for the same candidate that you want to save or you can intersperse your votes for the three candidates who are in danger of elimination.
  • The audience can vote by phone for free, although airtime or roaming charges may apply. Contact your local provider to find out if extra fees may apply for calling Nuestra Belleza Latina toll free lines.
  • While it is true that the votes of online way are free through the Nuestra Belleza Latina website, users may receive additional rates on their monthly mobile phone plan for using the data plan.
  • Although the Nuestra Belleza Latina telephone voting system is designed to receive calls in mass candidates, it may occasionally fail due to the number of calls. The production of the reality show is not responsible for errors caused during the voting.


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