Alejandra Fosalba and her criticism of television “when they don’t need you they get rid of you”

The well-known actress Alejandra Fosalba was part of the podcast Kings of Drama, space that is also broadcast on YouTube specialized in Chilean soap operas, where they remembered their 30 years of experience and the most important moments of his career.

Fosalba that recently joined the cast of Hidden Truths, from Mega, spoke about his participation in different national teleseries, even remembering complicated moments such as a scene in Someone is watching you where he had to cry repeatedly “the body does not know that one is acting. It’s not really sad. My body was still in anguish. It was the first time that I felt this duality between the body and the real emotion ”, he stated.

When asked about which channel had her heart, whether TVN or Channel 13, the actress answered “nowhere, because when they don’t need you they get rid of you. It is very frivolous. You say ‘I give myself, I give myself’, and then you realize that, unfortunately, when they don’t need you they don’t care. Because they are finally several people who are passing, changing. It is more for the heart perhaps, of the public television one could say, more than anything “

He also pointed out that despite being hard, he is not surprised “it is the reality. As one sees life, because I came from Concepción alone at 17, I have always seen life in Santiago almost like a war, as you have to always be super attentive. So I don’t expect much. From the channels either. Maybe you do expect a certain thing but it was obvious that when they don’t need you bye, good luck. Point”.

He also indicated that he does not regret about it, since he understands that it is part of the heading “I am saying what I feel, what I see.”


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