Alejandra Guzmán was trapped in a flood; that’s how they rescued her

Alejandra Guzmán was helped by the police in the flood. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Alejandra Guzmán was trapped in a flood while traveling in his car. The singer, who confronts his daughter Frida Sofía in a legal process, shared in a video how she got stuck “in a lagoon” due to the heavy rains in Mexico City.

The interpreter of “Queen of hearts”, who recently impacted when putting on bikini, he was aboard his car when he could no longer advance due to the flood. Without revealing the name of the street where she was trapped, she showed in the recording that dirty water ran around her and accumulated through the covered drains.

Alejandra Guzmán was caught in a flood and the police helped her

It was through a video that he posted on his Instagram stories, that Alejandra Guzman shared the details of the moment when got caught in a flood and was helped by the police.

“Look at this: we are stuck here in a lagoon, Emiliano (his driver), my comadre and I, and a crane came to pull us, how do you see? and there are a thousand policemen and we don’t let anyone pass, they are all standing there, look. They’ve already uncovered the drains. There they are uncovering a drain “

Alejandra Guzmán points out in the video

In Guzmán’s publication you can see how his truck was hooked up by a crane so that he could move forward. The circulation stopped due to the mishap that arose from a clogged drain in the road.

Thanks to the work of the police and civil protection, the street could be cleared until the vehicles could pass through it.

About the mishap she was trapped in Alejandra GuzmanIt is only known what the interpreter shared with her followers, a situation that, as can be seen in the video, she took with humor.

Regarding the complaint you are facing because his daughter Frida Sofía initiated legal proceedings against her maternal family after denounce his grandfather Enrique Guzmán of sexual abuseThe singer recently commented that although it has not been an easy process, she is “calm” despite going through “the hardest test” of her life.


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